Welcome to St. Germain Investment Management. For almost a hundred years, we’ve long practiced a maxim that stands to this day: Do what’s in the best interest for our clients. Our longevity is certainly based on experience, knowledge and an understanding that trust is the foundation for our relationship with you. The integrity of our professional relationships spans several generations since our founding in 1924, and continues to this day.

Investing is a journey that cannot follow a straight path. Your financial journey is defined by inextricable parts of your life: family, health, profession, current life stage, financial goals, your motivations and priorities, and much more.

We are privately owned and based in New England, a region which most of us call home. What we do and how we do it means our collaboration addresses your goals, your investments as well as any questions you’ll have going forward. However, our first order of business is to hear your story along with your expectations of how we can guide you. Think of our relationship as a conversation, one that’s straightforward and anchored with trust. That’s how we’ve managed to be around all these years.