Meet the professionals who attend to details so you can think more about the things you’d rather do. Your Financial Advisor is your chief of staff. In addition to meetings and staying up-to-date with financial matters [stocks, bonds, asset allocation, e.g.] he/she provides advice to help with the management of your assets. The responsibilities cover key areas pertinent to your overall financial health. For example, your advisor works with the senior portfolio managers, operations and client services to ensure that risk management, data accuracy, asset allocation and other salient details are covered. The Portfolio Managers work to make your assets properly allocated and within your risk tolerance, time horizon and various goals. The Client Services group helps in managing information and to keep them up-to-date. They also coordinate with Operations to ensure that forms, powers-of-attorney, health proxies and so on are available in our offices, which are digitally archived. The Operations & Finance group make sure that transfers, deposits, creating new accounts, and distributions are all in proper order. Collectively, these professionals collaborate accordingly—based on your interests and goals—to keep your accounts in proper order.

Financial Advisors

Portfolio Managers

Client Services

Operations, Finance

Marketing Communications, Compliance