Financial planning and financial management is a process. Whether you are 25 years old and starting to save for retirement, or 75 and living off your assets in retirement, our relationships start the same way: you need to learn about us just as we need to learn about you.

Several steps are involved and the “process” is ongoing. Across generations these past 90 years, clients have put their trust in St. Germain’s expertise and planning process.

Learning and Sharing

Our first meeting starts with an exchange of information. You learn about our overall approach and philosophy toward planning and financial management. Similarly we learn about your financial life: assets, liabilities, income and expenses. It’s a comprehensive financial review and the starting point for developing a strategy and a plan.

The Plan

The information we gather (both qualitative and quantitative) serves as the input for the overall strategy we develop. We look at how the assets are titled, how they are managed, the asset allocation, beneficiary designations and how they fit within your estate plan. These are all important pieces of the big picture and considerations for your strategy. As we move from planning to implementation, the pieces start to come together.

The Portfolio(s)

After transferring your account(s) to our custodian, it’s time to put your financial plan into action. Your portfolio is built with your whole financial picture in mind.Your overall portfolio and overall asset allocation are the most important determinants of long-term investment success.

Review and Revise

Just as the markets and economy change, so goes your own life. While we adjust your portfolio at St. Germain as we deem appropriate, we’ll check in with you to make sure that your overall portfolio— including assets held outside of St. Germain—maintain a proper balance.