Simple is often better. In this day and age of increasing complexity, you don’t have to look far to see how our world has gotten more electronic, more digitized and in some ways, more impersonal.

When we redid our website, one of the directives was to make it as easy as possible to enage its content. And that meant a lot less of everything: reduce graphics, more open spaces, a lot less text, less tabs in the navigation bar and fewer pages to find or get lost in.

We hope you’ll find this new design easier for you to engage whether you’re at a desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet or smartphone.

Share your thoughts and experiences with us. You can fill out the “Contact Us” form and use “For Carlo” as your first line, then add your comments. As for the title of this post, a certain song was swimming in my head, so forgive the creative license in its usage here.